What is this place...?

Welcome to my whimsical, weird and vibrant world! My name is Sherstin Schwartz and I am an artist who wishes she could travel through time and space; but Elon Musk isn't returning my phone calls. So! I immersed myself in a world of color and texture to bring visions of other planets to earth.  

I have 10 years of experience working with macro photography. With years of experimenting I am able to create mystical and colorful galaxies with water, paint and oil. A lot of my photography work is inspired by lucid dreams, other dimensions and the exploration of consciousness. 

I try to experiment as much as possible with the materials I use in my work. Currently I use anything from polymer clay, to recycled glass, stones, sand and even plastic toys of bad 70's robots. I'm always pushing myself to explore different techniques and use materials in unusual ways. I believe that changing how you view mundane objects in a different way can also expand how you see the world. 

My art in general is heavily inspired by my childhood and even though it wasn't the happiest childhood; one of my fondest memories was how I would create epic imaginary adventures in my backyard.  I spent most of my time outdoors, exploring the world around me and creating fantasy worlds inside my head.  As an adult I try to connect to that part of myself, to my inner child, as often as possible.  To that world where everything was simple and full of joy about the unknown world around me.  My paintings are creations of mythical colorful landscapes, full of textures that are waiting to be explored.  I hope when you view my art you can connect to that part of yourself, your inner child, to find joy and be curious about the fantastic, magical world around you. 

Based currently in Minneapolis, MN. 

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Places to explore my art in person!

  • October-December 2018 Guest artist in Studio 155 of the Northrup King Building, NE Minneapolis

  • November 2nd-4th, 2018 - Art Attack at the Northrup King Building, NE Minneapolis