'Mermaid's Palace' (4x4 inch original landscape on canvas)

'Mermaid's Palace' (4x4 inch original landscape on canvas)


Some people might say that I fell in love with the architecture and design of a mermaid’s palace and I felt compelled to steal part of her wall… well I can neither confirm or deny that. I do know that this piece would look lovely on anyone’s wall though!

Each coral piece is hand sculpted from polymer clay. Made on 4x4 inch canvas, which can easily be hung on a wall or placed on a shelf as unique decor.

This 4x4 inch piece is ready to hang on your wall, it's protected by a coat of UV varnish to ensure the colors stay vibrant and will not fade.  This textured piece is also very delicate however and should be cared for with love. 

This is a one of a kind sculptural painting that is signed by the artist. 

Copyright © Sherstin Schwartz

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